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Learn English Typing

English Typing can be learn very easily. Attempt the Typing Lesssons First and After that practice some English Typing Tests available.

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Learn Hindi Typing

Hindi Typing can be learn very easily. Attempt the Typing Lesssons First and After that practice some Hindi Typing Tests available.

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Anop Hindi Typing Tutor | Best Online Typing Tutor

Anop Hindi Typing Tutor is the web version of the Best Hindi Typing Tutor Software #AnopHindiTypingTutor, For most of the Government Examinations which has Typing Tests. You can take test as many times you want. Select your own Time duration. which makes it most suitable for Typing Examinations Across India.

Millions of Typists have used #AnopHindiTypingTutor for leanring the Typing of Hindi Language in Easy and Simple way. Time will be vary from person to person as How many Hours he spend for Typing Practice.

Anop Hindi Typing Tutor is developed for real time practice of pragraph which are similar to the paragraphs asked in the Typing Exams. The Actual Evaluation of Marks is depends upon the Recruitment Authority who conducted the Typing Examination. Some of the typing tests and paragraph are provided are Memory Based which are shared by Students. You can also Create and Share any Typing Test with Us.


Anop Hindi Typing Tutor | Best Online Typing Tutor

Anop Hindi Typing Tutor makes Learning Process easy and Enjoyable. this web version is designed for typing practice of both Hindi and English Languages. which provides virtual keyboard in front of eyes. So that you can practice without any problem.

We consistingly working on the betterment of this project. You can share your views and feedback using Contact us. which are heartly requested.

Our AIM is the 100% satisfaction of your Needs of Typing Practice. #Anop is not designed for competition with other Typing Tutor Softwares. They may be have a large Team. Since we have your support and love. We make it more useable for you and your future.



No Installation

Desktop Applcations are dependent on platform or operating system of user. For Example, We have created #AnopHindiTypingTutor and #AnopEnglishTypingTutor in 2014 and 2015 for Windows 7 and 8, When Technology updates comes, we will find that Operating Systems itself has some Bugs which can be addressed by Some hackers and If user Download softwares from un-trusted sources then a lot of Chances they can be traped into Hackers Honeypot. So It is quite Easy for Typing Practice. "No Installion ... No Headache". In Some Cases, if we are using PC in Office or School/College for Typing Practice. there is may restriction on installation of New Softwares.


Easy Updates

Web Vesion of Online Typing Practice can be easily updatable as per user future requirements. As Technology grows, Implementation of New Features are Easy for Us. So that we can provide you the best typing tutor software for your typing practice and enables you for your examinations.


Detailed Performance Score

The Detailed Report Card of Performance Score Board is available on your profile and saved till you required which contains the Typing Gross Speed, Typing Net Speed, Typing Accuracy, Wrong Words/Letters Typed and Correct Words/Letters Typed, etc. Now you can Evaluate your Typing Test Result with other participants which is not possible in offline applications.

Hindi and English Typing Both

Hindi and English Typing Practice

In "Anop Hindi Typing Tutor", We have merged both #AnopHindiTypingTutor and #AnopEnglishTypingTutor options. So that you can easliy practice the typing without wasting a single minute. Thus Focus only on your Typing practice.

Create your own typing test

Create your Own Typing Tests

You can create Typing Tests and Now first time in the History of Hindi typing Practice, you can share your typing test with your friends and students with or wihtout password protections. This will be very helpful if you are preparing for Stenographer Typing Exam.